About Argus Operations

Our name is derived from the Greek word "Argus Panoptes" meaning "All-Eyes", a giant with a hundred eyes, at least two of which were always open, he was eventually turned into a multi-eyed bird of honor.

ARGUS is our vision and passion for an "all seeing & ever watching" security cover. Argus Operations is an innovative and progressive, technology and consulting services company headquartered in Mumbai-India; offering integrated, multi-layered security solutions encompassing multiple technologies with near real-time, proactive threat management with actionable intelligence and analytics.

Our logo depicts a shield with an inlaid soaring eagle having many eyes on its wingtips; depicting a "360 degree, 24x7" all seeing & ever watching security cover. We aim to be the leader in the Indian homeland security market by providing integrated solutions that will enable organizations to secure their operations, facilities and assets from multiple threats, take preventive measures before hand with state of the art electronic surveillance, tracking, monitoring and analytical solutions.

Our Focus and Capabilities
  • Verticals: Homeland security, Aviation, Ports, Mines, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Railways, Defence, Police
  • Horizontals: Surveillance, Tracking, Monitoring, Analytics, Automation, Access Control, Identity management, Non-lethal defense, Emergency response, Consulting and Systems integration
  • Solutions: Electronic boom barriers, gates and access doors, RFID based tracking and monitoring, IP based High-def megapixel CCTV systems, fault tolerant video recording and analytics, Integrated color Video Door Phones and Intercom systems, Biometric and contactless technology based access control and identity management systems, Automated perimeter intrusion detection, Cargo tracking and monitoring, bird and wildlife hazard management at airfields and sensitive facilities, Night vision, Thermal and Infrared surveillance systems.