Managed services

We offer outsourced managed services for design, operations and lifecycle management from operating emergency response centers to command center and first responder systems.

Strategic Consulting

We are passionate and serious about homeland security and defense and feel the best of technology solutions can go to waste if not properly applied without a clear defined strategy and long term vision.

We have on board recognized experts and industry consultants in homeland security and defense matters who have vast experience in business processes, operational environments and research, planning, strategy, architecture and implementation.

We can help devise an overall strategy for:

  • Define right mix of optimal technologies for each type of security application, impact and benefit modeling.
  • Design "effective automated risk-assessment systems," devise tools for analyzing information for meaningful and actionable intelligence for operational support and even develop a "concept of operations," or CONOPS guide.
  • Providing insight, thought leadership, and high quality strategic advice to the Security leadership on an array of homeland security matters.
  • Developing effective automated risk-assessment systems that use electronic data, intelligence and technology to identify and mitigate risks within operations
  • Developing a "Best Process and Control" solution.
  • Defining "First Responders" technology requirements and Operational manual
  • Design for critical infrastructure protection and planning
  • Carry out research and continuous improvement activities