Solutions - Defense & Homeland Security

With the increased terrorism and military threats from multiple realms like sea, air and land coupled with internal security threats, Defense and Homeland security has become one of the most important security concerns for all the peace loving nations across the globe.

Since there are considerable limitations on reliance on manned security and human intelligence, nations across the globe are increasingly deploying advanced technology based solutions to mitigate risks and get proactive and early warning systems which are also cost effective, quick to deploy and maintain.

For the Defense and Homeland security - Argus has focused on non-lethal and life saving solutions and has tied up with field proven advanced technology companies from the U.S.A.

Some of our non-lethal solutions are:

  1. Long range Acoustic systems - used for crowd control, long range hailing, long range active deterrence, airport runways for bird control
  2. Micro UAVs for surveillance
  3. Long range multi-axis gyro stabilized surveillance cameras (aerial and ship mounted)
  4. Anti-ballistic protection suits and personnel armour
  5. Gun-shot location systems
  6. Anti-bleed rapid clotting medical kits