Solutions - Transportation Industry

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Transportation industry like aviation, shipping and railways including city metro and rapid transit systems have become high value and soft targets for terrorists world over. Due to the huge social, political and cost impact affecting this industry due to terrorist threats, the industry the world over are relying on advanced technology led solutions based on a multi-layered and integrated threat management systems.

Focused specialized application sectors:

  1. Aviation and Airports
  2. Railways and City Transit systems
  3. Seaports and container terminals

Some of our advanced threat management solutions for the industry are:

  • Advanced CCTV systems with real-time analytics
  • Integrated access control systems
  • Electronic sensor led barriers and gates
  • RFID and Biometric based access controls and tracking solutions
  • Vehicle and cargo tracking
  • Screening and detection systems
  • Intrusion detection and perimeter defense
  • Active denial and deterrent systems using high powered Linear Acoustic devices
  • Thermal and Night vision systems
  • Long range surveillance systems
  • Explosive containment and transportation