Solutions - Transportation Logistics

In today's world, supply chain efficiency is paramount. Knowing where your shipment is at any point, where it is held up, where the goods got diverted, stolen or damaged is critical information which can - not only be used for enhanced customer satisfaction and retention, but also substantial cost savings in insurance and demurrage costs.

We offer advanced solutions based on our @PRISM platform to track, monitor and manage goods in transit in near real time. We can multi-assign an asset like cargo to vehicle, ship, location, driver, handler, receiver, transit location with related secondary information like GPS Position, Speed, temperature, pressure, motion, deviation etc.

The possibilities are endless and so are the benefits. Applications can range from tracking sea going vessels, containers to land based cargo fleet, railway wagons and sensitive cargo vehicles and their contents including in transit pilferage, left behind goods to unauthorized access.

We can provide real-time tracking information on where the track target is at a particular time, compare location to pre-planned route as also track contents of the shipment and its "In & Out" of container information. We can also group and associate people and vehicles, vessels, assets, cargo to the mobile asset at any location.

Typical applications range from sensitive large size cargo to high value goods tracking like jewelry and gold shipments to hazardous cargo to contraband materials.