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Leading HR Management & Payroll Software

Designed to provide synchronized HR Functioning and aligned with the changing requirements of the corporate world


eHRMS Makes Strategic HR Management Possible

We believe in bringing the best of technology and smartest of features together to give today's HR perfect elements to take make employee management, payroll processing, and a lot more HR functions a breeze.

Our Software

eHRMS is a SaaS-based complete HR software, built to help the human resource department become more proactive in their functioning to deal with employee management, payroll process and much more.

Our Flexibility

eHRMS is a custom-built software which facilitates greater flexibility and control to the user. Such fluidity can be fundamental in handling the increasing workload and a compelling amount of data.

Our Private Cloud

We understand your concerns about data threat, hence we work on a private cloud to ensure flexibility, 360-degree security & total control benefits. It is more useful & economical than a public cloud.

Payroll Management System - eHRMS

Payroll Management System

Setting up an efficient payroll management system ensures streamlining and centralisation of employee’s financial records benefitting the 'employee-employer' duo. eHRMS is one such payroll software that will take care of all your HR payroll needs and help you establish a strong foundation and foster consistency for your employees.

Attendance Management Software

Attendance does not merely mean marking the physical presence of the employees in the organisation. It extends to how an employee is utilising his time in the company within his assigned shift timings. Using Attendance Management Software shows a good work culture and helps to keep track of employees discipline.

Attendance Management Software - eHRMS

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