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About Us


Neural IT

Neural IT has strived to keep up with the changing face of the globe that is undergoing rapid transformation through innovations and adaptation in digitization, analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation.
Having established a strong foothold in the IT industry and serving clients with excellence for the past 15 years, it took us no time to identify the gap and difficulties faced by HR professionals in manually juggling dozens of tasks at hand. We realized the need to explore untapped avenues to help reshape employment and the future of work.

Our Vision

The outcome, eHRMS, a fully automated digital platform to manage HR chores and services.
Developed on a cloud-based management system, ‘eHRMS’ aids sourcing, recruiting, and managing
employees for businesses of all sizes. Be it core HR, payroll and benefits, onboarding, talent
management, communications, analytics, real-time customer interaction, or employee performance
review, eHRMS is built to manage these with an added advantage of customizing as per the client need.

Technology Leads to Solutions

eHRMS is our effort to support ‘paperless policy’ and reduce time-consuming payroll tasks. This gives quality time for strategic, comprehensive and focused planning and development. Priced competitively, we offer cost-effective solutions for a wide-range of HR needs.


Our Mission

It is inculcated in our core values to master the latest technologies and innovations in the industry in order to offer our clients the best. We take each day as an opportunity for mastering skills and furthering goals.


Opportunities As Growth

Our eyes are always keen to look out for the untapped and unexplored opportunities by adopting, exploiting, and incorporating and bringing massive changes.


Hard Work The Smart Way

We respect work which helps us remain focused and consistently work towards the goal. Success cannot happen, we make it happen by taking strategic actions in the right direction to get there.


Our People

We strongly believe a ‘Company is only as good as the people it keeps’. For each specific area of expertise, we have a team of dedicated professionals who provide expert knowledge, do-able solutions and execute them together.


Your Journey, Our Journey

Our journey begins with sharing your vision, prioritizing your business needs, and formulating the right solutions to help get to your goal.


Our Vast Expertise

Our diverse portfolio covering varied products and services helps us gain global recognition, cater to varied clientele and fulfill specific needs of our customers.