Efficient Tips For Employee Engagement Post Long Leave

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It is very stressful for an employee to come back after a long leave and work efficiently. There can be many reasons for prolonged leaves, and some of the major reasons are pregnancy, injury, vacation, and rehires. Leaves are refreshing, and every employee has a right to enjoy it, but the most stressful period starts after the leave when an employee resumes work. Sometimes elongated vacations lead employees to suffer from Post Vacation Syndrome, making it difficult for the employees to come out of the vacation mode. Employees often are left behind in terms of teamwork, and it becomes very difficult for them to cope up with the team.

Here are the effective ways to engage employees post long leave:

Set Performance-Oriented Goals

Set performance-based goals as soon as coming back after a long leave as it is one of the best periods to set new goals and improvise past objectives. Setting goals is the most effective way to bring back the employee to the work environment after a long vacation. Set up new goals along with old goals and implement new strategies to work and achieve targets. HR must ensure that the goals assigned are achievable, as achieving goals will boost the employees' morale encouraging them to work hard and achieve bigger goals.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is the ultimate solution for any problem, so effective communication can play a key factor in dealing with an employee who has recently come after a long leave. Talking about the quality time spent by the employee during the vacation is the best way to start a conversation if an employee has returned from a long family vacation. If an employee is returning after a prolonged injury, then HR must enquire about the well-being of the employee and should ask if he will be able to handle tasks. There can be many reasons for a prolonged leave, and HR has to be relevant in terms of the concern and communication to approach the employee. Effective communication can make an employee feel important, which is necessary for an employee who is returning after a prolonged leave.

Never Overwhelm

Every employee experiences post-vacation blues, but this phase is temporary, which ends soon. Never overload an employee with a lot of work as soon as he resumes his job after a long leave as nobody likes excess work at the office after a brief duration of leaves. Excess work will only make an employee feel frustrated and less productive. An HR must take care of giving sufficient time to the employee to settle down after a long leave.

Recognise Their Efforts

Sometimes employees work hard to cope up with the team as they lack behind due to the prolonged leave, during this time their efforts must be recognised. A simple gesture of appreciation will motivate the employee to work hard and get over the post-vacation syndrome. Reward the returning employee with some perks and rewards for their achievements of getting back on track after a prolonged leave. Recognition is not always, for the best performers, sometimes it can also be for the employees who have returned after a long leave and performing well.

Conduct Sessions And Programs To Revive Skills

Conducting skill reviving sessions and implementing relevant programs can be helpful for an employee to get rejuvenated at work. A thorough induction will bring all the things back on track. Such programs will polish an employee's skills and rejuvenate his work life, giving a fresh new start to his career. It will also help an employee to get a proper outlook in the company's business if anything has changed after the employee's leave phase.

Prolonged leave affects the employee, and it is essential for HR to handle employees effectively during such phases. An employee suffers from drastic mental and physical changes during this phase, in case of illness and pregnancy. Leaves can have positive as well as negative effects on an employee as it depends on the nature of the leave. According to a study, a majority of employees switch their jobs post a long vacation, hence an HR needs to implement necessary steps for the same.

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