HR Trends Observed In 2019 And Expectations From 2020

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The year 2019 is about to end in a few days, and there have been tremendous changes in different aspects of HR workflow. HR trends keep on upgrading along with time, and HR has to stay updated along with it. HR trends play a vital role in the growth of an organisation as HR is one of the influencing people in an organisation. Along with globalisation comes a new set of goals to be achieved with new strategies. HR has to adapt to the changes and develop accordingly, as it is an era of constant innovation and change.

Some of the HR trends observed in 2019:


HR has always followed the age-old practice of "one size fits all," which is gradually changing according to recent trends and development. Due to the open floor spaces, cubicle culture is diminishing; hence HR must catch up with the changing trends. An HR must make a shift in the approach by focusing on the individual rather than the group. Personalisation can give employees the freedom to choose effective and relevant tools and software that employees at work. It will boost productivity, which will result in the growth of a business.


Trust is important among employees and towards the organisation as it plays the pioneer in building business and maintaining the work environment. Due to inflation and slowing down of the economy, many employees have lost their jobs, which has resulted in trust issues among the employees towards the employers. HR has to keep a lot of secrets in terms of the company's business and employee's information, which at times results in a lack of trust towards HR. HR has to come up with relevant solutions for the same. 

Employer Branding

Employer branding has been a pivotal trend in 2019, as a lot of companies, focused on making a brand of themselves. Considering the growing competition, an employer must focus on branding to attract the best talents in the market, and it will also help to retain current employees. Employer branding will also help in saving salaries while hiring because an employee may compromise with the salary for working with a brand.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has always been a top priority in terms of emerging HR trends. Artificial Intelligence is swiftly making an entry into the corporate world. Artificial intelligence will ease HR's work and save time by managing a number of applications in very less time, which will give HRs more time to focus on recruitment. Many corporate companies have started to implement the concept of artificial intelligence.

Promotion And Development Of Talent

Talent development has been a forefront trend in most of the organisations in 2019. Talent development is necessary, considering the developmental changes taking place all over the world. We are in such an era where change and development are constant, which makes every organisation invest in talent development for the utmost growth in business. Talent development includes developing and nourishing new and relevant skills in an employee, which will help an employee to enhance the skill set. Productive and reliable talents must be recognised and appreciated by providing perks and rewards. HR must implement effective measures for talent promotion and development.

Remote Working

Remote working is the new trend observed during 2019. It provides the flexibility of working from home, cafe, flex desk, another country, or remote areas where a company cannot reach. It also widens the talent pool as it enables HR to hire skilled people from far places. Remote working also ensures more creativity and productivity at work. A company can hire freelancers or workers on a short term period, instead of a full-time employee, which will also help in cost-cutting. A 2018 study shows that 70% of employees worked from home at least once a week.

Employee Engagement

An employee is one of the essential liabilities of a company that needs to be taken care of efficiently. Employee engagement determines the involvement of an employee in an organisation. An organisation must ensure that an employee is happy with the work; if an employee feels valued, the amount of dedication and productivity along with enthusiasm for work increases resulting in positive outcomes. HR should imply relevant programs for employee engagement to boost their morale.

Gender Diversity

The country has seen tremendous changes in terms of development during the past few years. Gender diversity was a matter of concern earlier, but the gender gap is slowly diminishing, looking at the present day scenario. Nowadays, an equal amount of male, as well as female employees, can be seen in the workplace. Earlier due to social norms and the conservative nature of people, female employees were comparatively less at the workplace, but due to globalisation and rapid development, the female workforce increased decently.
Women can be seen at executive positions nowadays sharing the same positions as men. Hence, gender diversity has been a major trend during the last few years and 2019 saw a boost in it.

Generation Z

Generation Z consists of the employees born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s. Employees born in this period are more enthusiastic and anxious, looking for face to face conversation and instant results in terms of promotions and rewards. Hence, HR must implement effective strategies to cope with them. Some organisations have found effective solutions for the same whereas some are coping with the problem. Generation Z is the future of the workforce as they will be the leaders in the coming future, hence HR should manage them effectively.

Work-Life Balance

Due to the extreme workload and busy schedule, it has become difficult for an employee to maintain a work-life balance. The year 2019 experienced the work-life balance trend when many of the companies implemented effective policies for vacations to their employees. Extra work hours lead to burnout of an employee, which results in a lack of dedication. Many organisations implemented effective programs and fun activities for employees and their families to maintain a proper work-life balance.

The year 2019 has seen a tremendous change in trends of HR's workflow, and 2020 seems to bring more dynamic trends considering business growth. Get a proper outlook of the trends in our next blog, Top HR Trends To Be Expected In 2020.

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