Role Of Artificial Intelligence In HR Process

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the stimulation of the human resource management process implemented to ease the tasks of humans efficiently and effectively. It will play a prominent role in shaping up the future of an organisation as well as the human resource workflow. There is a misconception that the HR profession is at stake due to the growing trend of AI, but it is not true. In fact, AI will be a stepping stone for Human Resource Management in the revolutionary world of development.

Artificial intelligence will be a boon for Human Resource in many ways, some of which are as follows:

Managing Huge Amount Of Data

Data Management is one of the most hectic and time-consuming tasks that the Human Resource department performs in an organisation. The bigger the organisation, the more the data to be processed. AI will ease the process of asset management by saving a lot of time for HRs. AI will take care of screening and sourcing candidates as it is also one of the tasks that consume time and requires a good amount of alertness. Human Resource can also get help in segregating the documents of the candidates and employees.

Eliminates Bias

It is a human tendency to be biased to a specific class of people, and the same applies to Human Resource. People are biased based on gender, ethnicity, name, appearance, school, locality, etc., but AI will eradicate biases by neglecting these things and hiring the right candidates. Such biases can also affect the productivity of the company as the same kind of people working together may cause conflicts, whereas a diverse workforce will yield positive outcomes.

Performance Assessment

Assessment of performance is one of the important tasks of Human Resource Management. AI will support HR to analyse performance reviews and keep track of the employees' productivity, which will be helpful during annual appraisals. Performance management will help to learn and identify the weaknesses and strengths of employees. Although it is a hectic task to manage performance assessment, appraisal, and employee engagement using employee self-service, implementing AI can surely reduce the workload.

Answering Queries

Naturally, an employee has some queries regarding work and the company, whether he is a new hire or a veteran. The Human Resource department is one of the most occupied in an organisation, which makes it difficult for them to look into each query of the employees. AI will help answer all the queries of the employees accurately and efficiently.

Saving Time

Time is very precious in the corporate world, and HR professionals are one of the busiest people in the company, making it necessary for them to manage time effectively. Looking at the duties of an HR, we can conclude that the tasks are tiresome and time-consuming, which require proper planning and effective time management. AI will save a lot of time for HRs by effectively managing the tasks. AI will process data, assess the performance of employees, and will do other hectic and time-consuming tasks in comparatively less time. HR can utilize the saved time in other helpful tasks.

Although AI will simplify a lot of tasks for Human Resources by being faster and efficient, the human aspect cannot be overlooked. Only humans can be creative and shape the company culture. AI will ease the Human Resources' workflow, but it will never take its place completely. One such AI-based HR software is eHRMS, which has been simplifying all HR operations globally.

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