Top HR Trends To Be Expected In 2020

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The year 2020 is finally here, and we bring you some of the trends that may experience in HR's workflow. In this era of constant change and development, HR needs to adapt to the changing trends accordingly. "HR Trends" will become a common buzzword in every organisation. So every organisation should make sure that HR is learning and implementing these latest trends.

While some trends remain the same as from 2019, let's have a look at some of the important trends that will emerge in 2020.

Holistic HR

A holistic approach means looking at the big picture, and HR has become more holistic in recent years towards the employees and the company. As per the new trends, HR is becoming more employee-centric, and slowly getting into management, this new approach will benefit both employees as well as the company.

Diversity And Equal Opportunities

Diversity and equal opportunities are essential for the smooth workflow and growth of the business. Diversity in the workforce can lead to more productivity as different ideologies and cultures will work together to garner effective results. HR must implement diversity during hiring to add a perfect blend of teamwork and progress. HR must take care that every employee gets equal opportunities in terms of promotions and perks, no matter if the employee is male, female, senior, junior, etc. It will result in less discrimination, which will increase enthusiasm and reliability among employees.

Feedback Tools

Keeping in mind the growing competition in business, an organisation must get timely feedback. HR should undertake this crucial task for the company's welfare, as it will help to determine the company's image. HR should make use of effective tools and survey forms for employee opinions and feedback, which will help the company to study where they lack. It will also help the management to learn about the concerns and problems faced by the employees. It is one of the most effective trends of 2020.

On Job Training

Every employee requires effective training and continuous mentoring at the initial phase in a company. The new trend of on-job training is emerging at a rapid pace with a lot of new trends accompanying it. Providing on-job training will help employees to learn more about the company and their role. On-job training ensures that an employee is well-prepared for working with the company. Organisations are investing in Virtual and augmented reality, gamification, geofencing, and other techniques to impart on the job training to their workforce.


Many organisations have been implementing changes to gamify their workplace by providing indoor games and activities for employee engagement, which will entertain employees from their hectic workloads. It encourages employee engagement and provides them with the necessary break during work hours.


Reskilling is the most trending topic in today's technological world. Organisations are becoming technologically advanced, which has resulted in the disruption of the workforce in the corporate world by putting jobs of many employees at risk. Hence it becomes important for reskilling the employees for the welfare of the company. Reskilling will upgrade employees' skills and will make them technologically ready for the future. It will also lessen the efforts of hiring new talents as upgrading the skills of current employees will benefit.

HR is the most flexible and influencing person in any organisation, and hence he/she has to be flexible, considering the growing competition and technological advancements in the market. HR must come out of their traditional working habits and adapt to the more dynamic duties to get along with the modern trends.

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