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Asset Management


Asset Management

Organisation's assets are value articles that need to be rightfully tracked from procurement to ownership to
usership. Whether it is managing the asset or calculating depreciation automatically, eHRMS does it all. Take
advantage of this online cloud-based log to make well-informed decisions to run your business.


Asset Request

Assets requests are granted after going through an automated multi-layered approval process, saving time and money on unnecessary licenses. Make use of this fast and efficient automated process.


Asset Dashboard

A single glance at the graphical Asset Management Dashboard gives important insights into the key assets. By getting real-time information, the root cause of any abnormal reading can be identified.


Asset Report

By creating multi-dimensional Asset Reports, analyzing, tracking & sharing insights become easier. Portals and dashboards can be updated by creating a 360-degree view using asset related information.


Assigning Asset

Using eHRMS, allocation of assets can be handled seamlessly as per the request generated by the appropriate department for a new employee or to be handed over to an existing employee.


Asset Notification

Asset notifications can easily be set-up directly on the screen of devices or desktops catching the user’s attention. Announcements & messages can be scheduled to reach employees and customers.


Asset Tracking

By synchronizing documenting and usage, asset tracking and billing become hassle-free. Instant asset location, detection & recovery of stolen equipment with geo-fencing alerts are key highlights.

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