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Mobile App


Mobile App

The advancing technology has enabled organisations across the globe to boost business productivity with the
help of mobile applications. eHRMS' mobile app feature has been designed to transform the entire Human Resource activities
into a mobile device for ease of access & improved management workflow.


Built-in GPS Tracker

The eHRMS app records an employee's geolocation coordinates during check-in/out within a customer-defined radius of the location requesting service, allowing transparency between employer & employees.

Selfie Check-in/Check-out

The advancement in technology is empowering employers to implement selfie check-in/check-out facility for their employees. Now on-field employees can simply upload a selfie via the app to mark their attendance.

Easy Payslip View

The portal displays payslip & other basic details of the employees. It also enables the employees to update their details anywhere anytime, bridging the gap between the employer and the employee.

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All HR work doesn’t always happen to be at the desk, or even in an office.
Now it can be done from the bus stop, in the canteen, or anywhere while using your mobile phone.