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eHRMS is designed and developed to encompass the most prominent and critical HR features and requirements. A central
database stores employees' personal and professional details. The system allows the employer and the employees
to log in, access, and view the records with specificauthorisations adhering to strict security norms set within the system.

Payroll & Tax Management

Setting up an efficient payroll management system ensures streamlining and centralisation of employee's financial records, benefitting the 'employee-employer' duo. eHRMS is one such payroll software that will take care of all your HR payroll needs and help you establish a strong foundation and foster consistency.

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Employee Self-Services(ESS)

ESS acts as a bridge between the HR department and the employees which facilitates an effective and transparent communication channel in an organisation. The eHRMS dashboard is the speaking tree for the company. All important queries, updates, and requirements can be clearly interpreted through ESS without an in-person meeting.

Attendance & Leave Management

The Attendance & Leave Management system allows effective tracking, managing & reporting possible without many administrative processes. The modules are designed to achieve faster and better payroll processing without the need to use too many formulas. This is the perfect way to tackle month-end pressure over payroll processing.

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Document Management System

A document management system is the truest example of how digital transformation is sweeping the globe. This new-age electronic Document Management System meets the challenges of avoiding inefficiencies. It is an efficient, safe & easy way to get work done from any geolocation preferred by the user.

HR Functions & Manpower Requisition

eHRMS is a guide to the HRs for improving efficiency in HR operations & recruitment techniques. Through such a robust HR software HRs can focus on developing their skills & management techniques. 'Manpower Requisition Form' is an effective way to initiate a candidate requirement request in the team.


Learning and Development

FlexiLMS is the perfect platform to build online courses, track learning progress and share informative learning materials within an organisation or within a peer group. Get LMS on-board to raise the bar in engaging employees in personal as well as professional improvement.

Loan and Advance

Organisations usually have a system in place to meet the loan & advances need of employees when unavoidable circumstances crop up and have to be repaid with/without the interest, either in a lump sum or in suitable installments. eHRMS calculates adjustments and provides the perfect tools to track those transactions.


Travel and Reimbursement Expenses

Pre & post expenses related to an official trip have to be reimbursed. The entire process can be time-consuming with a typical 30-45 day reimbursement cycle depending on the company's travel policy. eHRMS is the most effective tool to lessen the burden of tracking this entire process & keep the system transparent.

Asset Management

Organisation's assets are value articles that need to be rightfully tracked from procurement to ownership to usership. Whether it is managing the asset or calculating depreciation automatically, eHRMS does it all. Take advantage of this online cloud-based log to make well-informed decisions to run your business.


Mobile App

The advancement in technology has made organizations across the globe to look for a strategy to boost business productivity with the help of mobile applications. eHRMS is designed to easily transform Human Resource processes into a mobile application for ease of access & improved management workflow.

Exit Management

Organisations need a process to handle employee resignations to effectively end the relationship between the company & the employee, creating a need for a smoother full and final settlement procedure. With eHRMS, you can manage all the off-boarding activities. Notifications can be set to clear the pending activities.