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Payroll & Tax Management

Setting up an efficient payroll management system ensures streamlining and centralisation of employee’s financial records, benefitting the 'employee-employer' duo. eHRMS is one such payroll software that will take care of all your HR payroll needs and help you establish a strong foundation and foster consistency.

Payroll Processing

Managing employees' salary payment is a monthly tedious task faced by the employer. So don't burn-out, don't outsource to a third-party. Let eHRMS handle this complex procedure by just a few clicks.

Payslip Tracking

eHRMS allows the employees to keep track of their earnings & deductions for the most recent pay period. A wide range of payroll reports can be generated by meeting all compliance requirements.

Payroll Automation

eHRMS is a perfect web-based cloud computing option. as the automation feature reduces calculation errors. By generating e-payslips, the burden of printing monthly payslips can be controlled.

Tax Dashboard

Tax dashboard view allows to calculate income tax & plan finances. HR & employees can manage data related to tax declaration, Form 16 and TDS details & keep track of all tax-related activities.

Application Form

Employees simply have to fill out forms related to tax declaration and check the status of their requests & submissions. Information can be updated anytime from a specific eHRMS profile.

Approval & Notification

Employees and HR can keep tab of tax-related functions requiring immediate actions. Users can get instant pop-up notifications regarding any change in the status of their form submission.

Employee Self-Services(ESS)

ESS acts as a bridge between the HR department and the employees which facilitates an effective and transparent communication channel in an organisation. The eHRMS dashboard is the speaking tree for the company. All important queries, updates, and requirements can be clearly interpreted through ESS without an in-person meeting.

User Profile & Login

Every employee with their unique credentials can access their profile details to check their basic details, personal details, designation, shift timings, organogram, statutory details & much more.

Work Calendar

The Calendar view on the dashboard gives an insight into every day's work hour details making it easier for the employees, Managers, as well as the HR, to track leaves & short work-hours.

Events & Blogs

All users on the ESS portal are free to share their thoughts & suggestions, blogs, wishing their co-workers on their birthdays, work anniversaries, notify about an upcoming event.

Attendance & Leave Management

The Attendance & Leave Management system allows effective tracking, managing & reporting possible without many administrative processes. The modules are designed to achieve faster and better payroll processing without the need to use too many formulas. This is the perfect way to tackle month-end pressure over payroll processing.

Web Check-in

Employees can log into their eHRMS profile to mark themselves for the day! To avoid misuse of web check-in system, allow attendance to be marked from a specific location only for in-house employees.

Biometric Device

Businesses experience a steep improvement in their employee attendance tracking with a reliable biometric device in place. eHRMS seamlessly integrates biometric recordings with the attendance module.

Mass Attendance Upload

With such a well-organized approach in recording employee attendance, it becomes easy to pull Attendance reports in the month-end or year-end and a lot easier to upload Mass Attendance to your system.

Leave Dashboard

In one single dashboard, employees can view the number of leaves and type of leaves they can utilise. This dashboard is where, employees can submit, view and check the status of their leave requests.

Leave Types & Policies

The leave types applicable to the eHRMS user will be displayed every time they log in to their profile and view leave dashboard. The norms to follow while applying leave are outlined in this section.

Leave Reports

At the end of the month or annually retrieving leave reports would be a breeze with eHRMS. Our Leave Management System consists of a range of report formats to choose from for classy report creation.

Document Management System

A document management system is the truest example of how digital transformation is sweeping the globe. This new-age electronic Document Management System meets the challenges of avoiding inefficiencies. It is an efficient, safe & easy way to get work done from any geolocation preferred by the user.

Document Storage & Retrieval

Digital storage has taken over the manual data processing, giving more time to the employees to do away with the trouble of manual record handling. DMS facilitates smooth document storage & retrieval.

Tagging & Bookmarking

Creating shortcuts to individual files & folders for fast reference & information has been made easy with bookmarking & tagging feature, thus, saving the precious time involved in getting file access.

Audit Trail

Audit trail feature brings you date, time and shared user information for any of your document. Any not-so-normal activity can be "red-flagged" and notified to avoid data mishandling & security lapse.

HR Functions & Manpower Requisition

eHRMS is a guide to the HRs for improving efficiency in HR operations & recruitment techniques. Through such a robust HR software HRs can focus on developing their skills & management techniques. 'Manpower Requisition Form' is an effective way to initiate a candidate requirement request in the team.

HR Reports & Letters

eHRMS includes a range of customisable features to create error-free reports in any preferred format for every HR tasks like leave, attendance or payroll without having to deal with formatting issues.

Company Policies

The HR can update company policies on the eHRMS portal, the same can be viewed & downloaded by the employees. This completely spares the hassle of putting up a separate notice to different departments.

Candidate & Visitor Management

We also provide a solution for keeping an organization safe from intruders. Candidate & Visitor Management is the perfect tool to keep track of incoming individuals and maintain an up-to-date record.

Manpower Requisition Form

The Manpower Requisition Form is generated to inform about a new vacancy requirement or replacement. Using this feature, the request can be easily forwarded to the HR department for further processes.

Pre-joining Documentation

Post-hiring, the collection of relevant documents can be quite tiring for the HRs & the candidates. This tedious process can be done effortlessly by sharing a link to upload documents & certificates.

Manpower Management Solution

eHRMS has a well-built tracking system suitable for small, medium & large-sized companies. Such a fully automated & integrated system helps in making the recruitment process fast, error-free & secure.

Learning and Development

FlexiLMS is the perfect platform to build online courses, track learning progress and share informative learning materials within an organisation or within a peer group. Get LMS on-board to raise the bar in engaging employees in personal as well as professional improvement.

Course Creation

Get the privilege of building your own course modules for any topic using a reliable platform like eHRMS' FlexiLMS. Our well-designed LMS supports all the latest web browsers and mobile phones.


Earn by selling online courses or setting up a virtual classroom. You can also offer subscription-based learning packages integrated with certification, group chat and messaging facilities.

Training Workforce

Our flexiLMS lets employees and employer attain greater career heights. Training schedule, status and performance reports, and certificates can be digitally accessed with instant report generation.

Group Chat

FlexiLMS module allows students to discuss doubts & new ideas through an inbuilt group chat system. Tutors can send mass notification in real time to inform the batch about upcoming sessions & tests.

Report Generation

With flexiLMS, you can keep track of the training schedule and progress for all groups assigned to you. Generating reports is no big deal with such a robust learning management system.


Tutors can create & send certifications to all online learners with just a click. You can get a range of formats and designs to create your own certificate type for various departments and batches.

Loan and Advance

Organisations usually have a system in place to meet the loan & advances need of employees when unavoidable circumstances crop up and have to be repaid with/without the interest, either in a lump sum or in suitable installments. eHRMS calculates adjustments and provides the perfect tools to track those transactions.

Loan Application & Approval

'Loan & Advances' feature is fully centralized for easy loan application & approval. The entire process is automated to save precious manual hours spent in tracking, documenting and processing.

Salary Advance Request

Salary advance module is designed for advance salary request. The process is fully integrated to generate Payslips accounting for these changes with a built-in Department/HR Officer/Manager Approval.

Loan Dashboard & Reports

Dashboard view allows decision makers to make quick but informed decisions. Real-time snapshot displays the most critical data to avoid problematic issues by quickly identifying trends.

Travel and Reimbursement Expenses

Pre & post expenses related to an official trip have to be reimbursed. The entire process can be time-consuming with a typical 30-45 day reimbursement cycle depending on the company's travel policy. eHRMS is the most effective tool to lessen the burden of tracking this entire process & keep the system transparent.

Approval & Notification

Expense details can be uploaded directly along with legit software copies of the original. The system then forwards the request for approval/rejection. Post verification, the payments are released.

Dashboard View

This view makes information analysis very simple. Parameters can be set for weekly, monthly or yearly expenses. Fraudulent/duplicate/ high risk/repeated offenders can be identified before payment.

Travel Expense Reports

Customized reports draw a complete picture to help amend business travel policies. Diving deep into the travel expenses, segments like airfare, food & lodging, fuel expenses can be analyzed.

Asset Management

Organisation's assets are value articles that need to be rightfully tracked from procurement to ownership to usership. Whether it is managing the asset or calculating depreciation automatically, eHRMS does it all. Take advantage of this online cloud-based log to make well-informed decisions to run your business.

Asset Request

Assets requests are granted after going through an automated multi-layered approval process, saving time and money on unnecessary licenses. Make use of this fast and efficient automated process.

Asset Dashboard

A single glance at the graphical Asset Management Dashboard gives important insights into the key assets. By getting real-time information, the root cause of any abnormal reading can be identified.

Asset Report

By creating multi-dimensional Asset Reports, analyzing, tracking & sharing insights become easier. Portals and dashboards can be updated by creating a 360-degree view using asset related information.

Assigning Asset

Using eHRMS, allocation of assets can be handled seamlessly as per the request generated by the appropriate department for a new employee or to be handed over to an existing employee.

Asset Notification

Asset notifications can easily be set-up directly on the screen of devices or desktops catching the user’s attention. Announcements & messages can be scheduled to reach employees and customers.

Asset Tracking

By synchronizing documenting and usage, asset tracking and billing become hassle-free. Instant asset location, detection & recovery of stolen equipment with geo-fencing alerts are key highlights.

Mobile App

The advancement in technology has made organizations across the globe to look for a strategy to boost business productivity with the help of mobile applications. eHRMS is designed to easily transform Human Resource processes into a mobile application for ease of access & improved management workflow.

Built GPS Tracker

The eHRMS app records an employee's geolocation coordinates during check-in/out within a customer-defined radius of the location requesting service, allowing transparency between employer & employees.

Selfie check-in/check-out

With the advancement in technology, most firms are allowing employee 'selfie check-in/check-out' facility. On-field employees can simply upload a selfie via the app to mark their attendance right away.

Information on-the-go

The employee portal displays payslip & other basic information to the users. They are free to update their personal details via the app. The app acts as a bridge between the employer and the employee.

Exit Management

Organisations need a process to handle employee resignations to effectively end the relationship between the company & the employee, creating a need for a smoother full and final settlement procedure. With eHRMS, you can manage all the off-boarding activities. Notifications can be set to clear the pending activities.

Exit Application

Employees can initiate the request for separation from the company through eHRMS portal. Upon notification, the management and HR arrive at a decision to either approve or reject the request.

Exit Checklist

HR gets a detailed checklist about the things needed to initiate & finalise the employee exit procedure. Documents required from various departments can be notified & uploaded in the Exit module.

Exit Reports

An organisation should to know why an employee wishes to discontinue working. When you have this information, you can analyse the pattern and work towards improving the retention rate & get clarity.