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Attendance Management


Attendance & Leave Management

The Attendance & Leave Management system allows effective tracking, managing & reporting possible without many administrative processes. The modules are designed to achieve faster and better payroll processing without the need to use too many formulas. This is the perfect way to tackle month-end pressure over payroll processing.

Roster Management Module

Employees can track their shift timings at a click with no confusion and less miscommunication with our roster planning module. Roster Management Tool will sync your payroll and attendance accordingly, making the payroll process more transparent

  • Fully synchronised with attendance & payroll
  • Personalised multiple Shifts Allocation
  • Labor Costs Reduction due to overall efficient monitoring
  • Best suited for service, factory based employees.

Web Check-in

Employees can log into their eHRMS profile to mark themselves for the day! To avoid misuse of web check-in system, allow attendance to be marked from a specific location only for in-house employees.


Biometric Device

Businesses experience a steep improvement in their employee attendance tracking with a reliable biometric device in place. eHRMS seamlessly integrates biometric recordings with the attendance module.


Mass Attendance Upload

With such a well-organized approach in recording employee attendance, it becomes easy to pull Attendance reports in the month-end or year-end and a lot easier to upload Mass Attendance to your system.


Leave Dashboard

In one single dashboard, employees can view the number of leaves and type of leaves they can utilise. This dashboard is where, employees can submit, view and check the status of their leave requests.


Leave Types & Policies

The leave types applicable to the eHRMS user will be displayed every time they log in to their profile and view leave dashboard. The norms to follow while applying leave are outlined in this section.


Leave Reports

At the end of the month or annually retrieving leave reports would be a breeze with eHRMS. Our Leave Management System consists of a range of report formats to choose from for classy report creation.

Frequently Asked Questions Attendance Management

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! You can mark your attendance with your mobile app too.

Your colleague can’t apply, but your HR can do it for you if in case there is an emergency.

YES! You can regularise your attendance if you missed your check-in due to office fieldwork.

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