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Document Management System


Document Management System

A document management system is the truest example of how digital transformation is sweeping the globe. This
new-age electronic Document Management System meets the challenges of avoiding inefficiencies. It is an
efficient, safe & easy way to get work done from any geolocation preferred by the user.


Document Storage & Retrieval

Digital storage has taken over the manual data processing, giving more time to the employees to do away with the trouble of manual record handling. DMS facilitates smooth document storage & retrieval.


Tagging & Bookmarking

Creating shortcuts to individual files & folders for fast reference & information has been made easy with bookmarking & tagging feature, thus, saving the precious time involved in getting file access.


Audit Trail

Audit trail feature brings you date, time and shared user information for any of your document. Any not-so-normal activity can be "red-flagged" and notified to avoid data mishandling & security lapse.

Frequently Asked Questions Document Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

You, your reporting officer and HR will be able to see your documents.

Yes! In our document management system, you will have access to send emails of any reports or letters directly to the recipient.

YES! Employees can upload their documents via a link which will be sent by HR.

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