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Employee Self-Services(ESS)


Employee Self-service Management

ESS acts as a bridge between the HR department and the employees which facilitates an effective and transparent
communication channel in an organisation. The eHRMS dashboard is the speaking tree for the company. All
important queries, updates, and requirements can be clearly interpreted through ESS without an in-person meeting.


User Profile & Login

eHRMS includes a range of customisable features to create error-free reports in any preferred format for every HR tasks like leave, attendance or payroll without having to deal with formatting issues.


Work Calendar

Every employee with their unique credentials can access their profile details to check their basic details, personal details, designation, shift timings, organogram, statutory details & much more.


Events & Blogs

The Calendar view on the dashboard gives an insight into every day's work hour details making it easier for the employees, Managers, as well as the HR, to track leaves & short work-hours.

Frequently Asked Questions ESS

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! You can get your data deleted once you have decided to leave.

YES! You will receive notifications related to your approval or refusal of requests.

YES! as its a role-based software you can assign specific rights to specific people to access data.

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