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HR Functions


HR Functions & Manpower Requisition

eHRMS is a guide to the HRs for improving efficiency in HR operations & recruitment techniques. Through such a
robust HR software HRs can focus on developing their skills & management techniques. 'Manpower Requisition
Form' is an effective way to initiate a candidate requirement request in the team.


HR Reports & Letters

eHRMS includes a range of customisable features to create error-free reports in any preferred format for every HR tasks like leave, attendance or payroll without having to deal with formatting issues.


Company Policies

The HR can update company policies on the eHRMS portal, the same can be viewed & downloaded by the employees. This completely spares the hassle of putting up a separate notice to different departments.


Candidate & Visitor Management

We also provide a solution for keeping an organization safe from intruders. Candidate & Visitor Management is the perfect tool to keep track of incoming individuals and maintain an up-to-date record.


Manpower Requisition Form

The Manpower Requisition Form is generated to inform about a new vacancy requirement or replacement. Using this feature, the request can be easily forwarded to the HR department for further processes.


Pre-joining Documentation

Post-hiring, the collection of relevant documents can be quite tiring for the HRs & the candidates. This tedious process can be done effortlessly by sharing a link to upload documents & certificates.


Manpower Management Solution

eHRMS has a well-built tracking system suitable for small, medium & large-sized companies. Such a fully automated & integrated system helps in making the recruitment process fast, error-free & secure.

Frequently Asked Questions HR Functions

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! We can add your customized letter template in our software.

Many letters and report templates are available in eHRMS.

YES! We can also configure any inbuilt reports or letter template as per your needs.

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