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Loan and Advance


Loan and Advance

Organisations usually have a system in place to meet the loan & advances need of employees when unavoidable circumstances crop up and have to be repaid with/without the interest, either in a lump sum or in suitable installments. eHRMS calculates adjustments and provides the perfect tools to track those transactions.


Loan Application & Approval

'Loan & Advances' feature is fully centralized for easy loan application & approval. The entire process is automated to save precious manual hours spent in tracking, documenting and processing.


Salary Advance Request

Salary advance module is designed for advance salary request. The process is fully integrated to generate Payslips accounting for these changes with a built-in Department/HR Officer/Manager Approval.


Loan Dashboard & Reports

Dashboard view allows decision makers to make quick but informed decisions. Real-time snapshot displays the most critical data to avoid problematic issues by quickly identifying trends.

Frequently Asked Questions Loan and Advance

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! You can apply for a loan using eHRMS if your company has a loan lending policy.

YES! You can check all your loan information with eHRMS.

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