Payroll Management


Payroll & Tax Management

Setting up an efficient payroll management system ensures streamlining and centralisation of employee’s financial records, benefitting the 'employee-employer' duo. eHRMS is one such payroll software that will take care of all your HR payroll needs and help you establish a strong foundation and foster consistency.


Payroll Processing

Managing employees' salary payment is a monthly tedious task faced by the employer. So don't burn-out, don't outsource to a third-party. Let eHRMS handle this complex procedure by just a few clicks.


Payslip Tracking

eHRMS allows the employees to keep track of their earnings & deductions for the most recent pay period. A wide range of payroll reports can be generated by meeting all compliance requirements.


Payroll Automation

eHRMS is a perfect web-based cloud computing option. As the automation feature reduces calculation errors. By generating e-payslips, the burden of printing monthly payslips can be controlled.


Tax Dashboard

Tax dashboard view allows to calculate income tax & plan finances. HR & employees can manage data related to tax declaration, Form 16 and TDS details & keep track of all tax-related activities.


Application Form

Employees simply have to fill out forms related to tax declaration and check the status of their requests & submissions. Information can be updated anytime from a specific eHRMS profile.


Approval & Notification

Employees and HR can keep tab of tax-related functions requiring immediate actions. Users can get instant pop-up notifications regarding any change in the status of their form submission.

Frequently Asked Questions Payroll and Tax Management

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! With eHRMS you can generate payslip and download it too.

YES! We can change the payslip format as per your customization. You will have to send us the format of payslip you want, we will add it to our software.

YES! You can see all your tax-related activities in tax dashboard.

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