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Travel and Reimbursement Expenses


Travel & Reimbursement Expenses

Pre & post expenses related to an official trip have to be reimbursed. The entire process can be time-consuming
with a typical 30-45 day reimbursement cycle depending on the company's travel policy. eHRMS is the most
effective tool to lessen the burden of tracking this entire process & keep the system transparent.


Approval & Notification

Expense details can be uploaded directly along with legit software copies of the original. The system then forwards the request for approval/rejection. Post verification, the payments are released.


Dashboard View

This view makes information analysis very simple. Parameters can be set for weekly, monthly or yearly expenses. Fraudulent/duplicate/high risk/repeated offenders can be identified before payment.


Travel Expense Reports

Customized reports draw a complete picture to help amend business travel policies. Diving deep into the travel expenses, segments like airfare, food & lodging, fuel expenses can be analyzed.

Frequently Asked Questions Travel and Reimbursement Expenses

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! You can also request for travel and expense through the mobile app.

Yes, you will get push notification in the mobile app, notification in your dashboard as well as through Gmail.

As eHRMS is cloud-based software, it will receive updates frequently to improve the performance.

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