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Corporates Plan To End Work From Home Soon

Corporates Plan To End Work From Home Soon

Many IT firms and corporates are preparing to resume offices as soon as the situation gets back to normal from the current scenario of the pandemic. Organisations are also conducting mass vaccination drives to ensure their employees are protected from COVID-19. There is a clear indication that corporates are planning to end work from home soon.  

Infosys Ltd has already informed their employees to resume work from offices as per the sources. This gives an indication of the country’s $190 billion technology services sector coming back on track.

It must be noted that many MNC employees have received their first dose of vaccination, while some have already completed their second dosage. Many corporates have allowed their employees to work from home, considering the coronavirus pandemic. Smaller businesses are finding it difficult to adapt to remote working cultures due to a lack of technology. 

With the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic striking badly in India and lockdown restrictions getting stricter, the plan to open offices for employees got postponed. Infosys aims to bring back maximum employees to the office over the next couple of quarters.

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd aims to vaccinate all its employees by September so that they can resume work from the office soon. A company like Wipro has announced that they will wait until September to get things normal and get back their staff to work from the office.