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Overall Hiring Activity Escalates to Pre-Pandemic Level

Overall Hiring Activity Escalates to Pre-Pandemic Level

Job seekers have some good news in the bag for them, as the overall hiring activity has touched the pre-pandemic level. This has happened due to the reopening of the economy and the efforts made by businesses.

Since the pandemic, this is the first time the hiring activity has recovered, as it was during February 2020. As per Indeed, the consumption economy will lead to further job growth.

Job posting for IT roles witnessed an increase of 19% between July 2020 and July 2021. It has happened due to the demand for digitisation in the pandemic era. Apart from this, IT roles like project heads and engineers have risen to 16% from 8%.

The representative from Indeed said that as the requirement for tech jobs continues to grow, the renewed demand for retail and food jobs indicates that the consumption economy will further increase opportunities for job seekers. Demand for job roles in the food and retail sectors has jumped up by 52% and 39%, respectively.

The top priority for hygiene has increased opportunities for veterinary, personal care, therapy, and childcare jobs. Due to the lockdown relaxation and reopening of offices, there is a 60% increase in demand for housekeeping and caretaker jobs. Hiring recovery at this pace or even faster would be excellent for overall economic growth.